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Nick's Salsa Supremo

Killer Garlic Bean Dip

Camarones Diablo con la Cal (Devil Lime Shrimp)

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Patatas Perezosas Del Hombre (Lazy Man Potatoes)

Simply Sauted Vegies

Peterson's Enchiladas del Halibut


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Willieboy and NickWhy this site is here...
It all started one day when Nick brought some homemade salsa and chips to work. Immediately our cubicle was filled with the pungent scent of onions and jalapenos. I said "Dude, you've only been working here a week and you're stinking up the office!" He calmly handed me a chip- so I dipped- It was truly the best salsa I've ever tasted. After an inter-office email went out inviting anyone that wanted to try some to swing by our cubicle. Word soon spread like wildfire. Soon , normally refrained middle managers were eagerly "double dipping", their salsa lust running amok.

I asked Nick to write down the recipe (several times) so I could try and make it at home- but I would promptly lose the post-it note that it was scribbled on the very instant I crumpled it up in my pocket. That's when it hit me- why not create a web site where I, or anyone one for that matter, could have access to the recipe no matter what time or what place I happened to be.

In doing so, I've come across some other killer recipes that I've added, ate and enjoyed. Maybe you might try them too.

Coronas are good for youEach recipe has a difficulty factor directly related to the number of Coronas one might consume.

Good luck and good cookin'!

The key to great salsa:
Serrano Pepper
The serrano pepper is a very hot pepper, slightly hotter than a jalapeno pepper. Used often in salsa's and table sauces the serrano chile pepper is thin skinned making it easy to work with (no need to remove the skin). Thin in shape serrano peppers come in several colors ranging from greens to red's. Often used in both Mexican cuisine as well as Asian cuisine this pepper is popular thought the world.

Lobster Season Opener 07 - 11lb. 8 oz. Monster Sack em
Jalapeno Pepper
Jalapeno peppers are a hugely popular chile thought the world. Jalapeno's are fairly hot peppers, however not nearly as hot as scotch bonnets or Habanero peppers. The popular chipotle pepper which is used extensively in Mexican and southwestern cooking is simply a smoked jalapeno.